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For drivers that care about:

>Superb fuel consumption for daily journeys
>Powerful performance
>Less time and maintenance than regular plugs
>Controlled electrode wear improves fuel consumption and lengthens​​ lifetime to at least 100,000 km

All the performance benefits of Iridium Power with an extended lifetime of up to 100,000km. Expect enhanced acceleration and throttle response, and improved fuel economy by up to 5% over most standard plugs.

Longer lifetime
> Iridium and Platinum technologies combine to create a plug with an extra-long lifetime of up to 100,000km
> Long lifespan and extra durability offers motorists a longer service interval and reduced plug maintenance Improved fuel consumption
> Excellent ignitability of 0.4mm central electrode improves efficiency of engine performance
> This results in reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions Improved ignitability
> 0.4mm diameter center electrode has lower voltage requirement, so enhances ignitability
> Excellent ignitability means fewer misfires and increase engine power output Improved acceleration
> Acceleration response is boosted by ultra-fine 0.4mm central electrode
> Proven enhanced engine performance and acceleration compared to standard plugs

0.4 mm dia. Ultra-fine Iridium center electrode
> The world’s finest Iridium center electrode; made from DENSO patented Iridium alloy for lower voltage and better ignitability.

360º Laser welding
> The Iridium tip is joined with a highly reliable ‘360º Laser Welding’ process to withstand all kinds of driving conditions.

Taper cut ground electrode
> The fine taper reduces flash suppression and improves ignitability, smoothing the fuel-air mixture for steady ignition.

U-Groove ground electrode
> Allows a large space for the flame kernel; producing a low spark voltage without increasing the gap, and superb ignitability.